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Hiking is a physical activity that everyone realizes the environment. Allows to know a country, its culture, its history and its natural and human landscape, crossing on foot by marked trails. Different types of trails that are allowing everyone to have a path at your fingertips and can practice this activity.

In Catalonia, mainly mountainous nature of its geography, together with the important archaeological wealth and monuments scattered around the country, as well as the varied beauty, our paths placed at the level of the best in Europe, while the mild climate country makes passable most of the year.

Hikers entities located throughout Catalonia that form the Federation of Trekkers in Catalonia (FEEC) are responsible for the maintenance and signs of a trail network of over 11,000 km. These clubs also must add those public or private institutions as promoters of kilometers of the network.

Type of trails

Depending on the mileage certified trails can be divided into three groups:

– Long-distance paths (GR®)
of more than 50 km, marked with red and white stripes.
They can have variations and derivations.

– Shorter trails (PR®-C) between 10 and 50 km, marked with white and yellow stripes.

– Local Trails (SL®-C), less than 10 km, marked with white and green stripes.

Variations based on a main path and reconnect with this, in another different place.

Referrals: these sections, marked or not, leave a trail approved and attached to items of interest as lookouts nearby, chapels, monuments, etc.

Links: linking different sections are approved trails, whatever they are (GR, PR or SL).

Signaling pathways

When we travel a path approved we can find three types of signs of paint:

– Brands continuity: formed by two overlapping rectangles, the color of which varies depending on the type of path by which transitions.

– Brands wrong direction: it is a cross-shaped “X” where the white color is always above the trail.

– Brands changing direction: formed by two parallel drawn simulate the change of direction. In this case the white color always surround the trail.


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