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What does the “Productes de l’Empordà” seal of guarantee mean?

The “Productes de l’Empordà” seal of guarantee serves to individualize, personalize and recognize traditional products of Empordà. It is aimed at promoting their marketing and sale.

The seal and logotype can only be used for products manufactured or prepared, transformed and packaged in the territorial environment of the regions of Alt (Upper) and Baix (Lower) Empordà, and in accordance with tradition.

The conditions that products using the “Productes de l’Empordà” seal of guarantee must meet are as follows:

Present a quality guarantee, in accordance with a specific regulation of use for each product adhering to the seal.

  • Be produced or prepared in the traditional Empordà way.
  • Have sufficient production turnover to enable it to be found periodically in the Catalan market and to be able to meet a permanent demand for the municipalities of Empordà.
What products adhere to the seal of guarantee?

The products adhering to the seal of guarantee are:

  • Figueres Onions
  • Empordà Buñuelos (mini doughnuts)
  • Sweet “Butifarra” (sweet traditional Catalan sausage).
  • Pals Rice
  • Cottage
  • Stuffed apples from Vilabertran
  • Palamós Prawn
  • Blond-eyed bean ( Fesol de l’ull ros)

Certified Producers:

  • Figueres Onions (1)
  • Empordà Buñuelos (7)
  • Sweet “Butifarra” sausage (19)
  • Pals rice (2)
  • Cottage (2)
  • Stuffed apples (1)
  • Palamós Prawn
  • Blond-eyed bean (3)

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