Natural Park of Cap de Creus


The peninsula of Cap de Creus constitutes the last buttress of the Pyrenees and the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula. The coast is abrupt and jagged, with towering cliffs and remote coves. It is the first natural park in Catalonia covering areas of both sea and land, and was created in 1998.

The total area of the Park is 13,886 hectares, of which 10,813 are on land and 3,073 are at sea. Within the land area there are 3 natural zones of declared national interest (PNIN): to the North, the sector around Cap Gros-Cap de Creus; to the South, the sector around Punta Falconera-Cap Norfeu; and to the West, the sector of the Serra de Rodes. All the islands and islets located within the maritime area of the Natural Park also have the same status.

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Roses – Creu d’en Cobertella
Cadaqués – Puig Ferral
El Port de la Selva – Costa de l’Oratori
La Selva de Mar
Palau-Saverdera – Sant Onofre
Pau – La Creu Blanca
La Vall de Santa Creu – Port de la Selva
Llançà – From the Old Town to the Port and the coast
– Flora and vegetation in general
– Fauna
– Geomorphology and scenery.

Inside the Natural Park of Cap de Creus itself one can take part in a very large number of leisure activities and visits.
The walking and mountain-bike itineraries are especially attractive. These offer the opportunity to get to know the Park while relating it to the municipalities that make it up. The majority of the walking itineraries follow the tracks of former cattle-trails, which gives them an added interest.
A very interesting itinerary from the botanical, geological and scenic point of view is the path from Mas Paltré in Port de la Selva, to Cap de Creus, following the route of the GR-11 long-distance footpath.


Espai Cap de Creus
Ctra. Cap de Creus, s/n – 17488- Cadaqués
Telf. 872 20 40 10
Opening Hours:
01.03 – 30.04 / 01.10 – 31.10. From monday to saturday: 9-15h
01.05 – 22.06 / 12.09- 30.09.  Every day: 10 –15h
23.06 – 31.08. Every day: 10-14 & 15-19h
01.09 – 11.09. Every day: 10-14 & 15-18h
01.11 – 28.02. Close

Palau de l’Abat (Monestir de Sant Pere de Rodes)
17489 El Port de la Selva
Tel.: 972 19 31 91
Opening Hours:
24.03- 02.04. Every day: 10 – 14h-/15- 18h
03.04- 23.06.  Every day: 10 –15h
24.06 – 11.09. Every day: 10 – 14h-/15- 18h
12.09- 31.12. Every day: 10 –15h
02.01 -23.03. Every day: 10 –15h
Close: 01.01, 06.01, 24.12, 25.12


– In the land area of the Natural Park –
The whole zone is classed as land that cannot be built on and which is the object of special protection.
Traditional agricultural and fishing activities are in general accepted.
It is prohibited to carry out any type of building work or constructions that are not strictly linked to agricultural uses or with the object of protecting the environment. Under no circumstances is it allowed to install artificial elements that limit the field of vision, undermine the harmony of the scenery, or disfigure perspectives.
Motor traffic is prohibited apart from on the roads or tracks.
The following are expressly prohibited: Planting or releasing plant or animal species without the express permission of the park authorities. Tipping or pouring any kind of waste or residue. Lighting fires outside the authorized places and periods indicated by the park authorities. Unauthorized camping.
Hunting is regulated by the regulations established by the system of organization for the park.
– In natural zones of declared national interest:
Alterations to the natural lie of the land are not permitted, except for those compatible with objectives for the protection of nature. The following are also prohibited: the installation of visible means for transmitting electrical power, or telephone or similar wires or cables, or the construction of any installation or apparatus for the generation of energy.
In full nature reserves:
Scientific work and activities may only be carried out if they are directed towards the propagation of the values of the nature reserve.
Public access and traffic must be conducted exclusively through those places and routes that are expressly indicated.
The extraction or collection of minerals, rocks, fossils, plants and animals, or any activity relating to hunting, is prohibited.
Access is only permitted to the island of S’Encalladora for justifiable reasons of scientific research with the prior permission of the park authorities, or due to an act of God.
– In the maritime area of the Natural Park:
The following are permitted: the practice of traditional fishing and fishing for pleasure, together with the other traditional activities and customs of Cap de Creus. Fishing by trawling and hauling is prohibited.
The following are prohibited: the construction of installations for fish-farming, the immersion of artefacts or similar devices and the construction of marine installations in general, except for those which are reduced and integrated with the surroundings, and intended exclusively for use of fishing or for the services of the Park.
– In partial marine nature reserves:
Only traditional fishing or line fishing is allowed, and shall be subject to specific regulations.
Recreational visits and activities, dropping anchor, the passage of boats, and diving activities shall be subject to specific regulations and must be restricted and controlled.
The park authorities must expressly promote or authorize any scientific research or management work that is proposed to be carried out inside the park.

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