Megalithic monuments

The Empordà is chief among Catalonia’s various megalithic regions. Concentrated between the Rodes and the Albera mountains lie over a hundred dolmens and menhirs.

By its typology , situation and magnitude, the dolmen of “the Creu d’en Corbertella”, in the municipal district of Roses, it can consider the most famous of the country.

Situated in a hill, to 150 metres above sea level, this dolmen is one of the bigger Catalonia megalithic monuments, and one of the big appeals of the megalithic route that can do in Roses.

It is a camera runner sepulchre done with big slabs of granite. The camera, formed by seven slabs, does 3,90 metres long inwardly, 3,20 metres width and 2,45 metres of maximum height. Its entrance is oriented to the sud east. Some slabs of the camera shows ritual utensils.

The door is formed by two big blocks of stone planted like totals. Of the slabs runner only remain the implantation slots in the mother rock. It conserves the principle, formed by two vertical slabs which sustain another that forms the cover. Of the artificial tunnel of circular tendency that had to cover it do not remain ocular testimonies. This sepulchre was raised during the Chalcolithic period, between the 2500 and the 2100 aC.

In the archaeologic excavations appeared fragmented osseous rests and ceramics rests of the native settlement, probably a sanctuary, which is at the side of the monument, and of more modern periods.

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