La Garriga d’Empordà

This is a typically Mediterranean spot with an exceptional heritage of dry stone architecture, including terraces, walls, irrigation channels and barraques (small traditional houses) that were built and used in the past. They are now
in a fairly abandoned state and are in need of conservation and restoration work. In spite of its rough and inhospitable appearance, this place conceals a lot of life.

This area is situated in the centre of the region, to the west and very near the town of Figueres. It covers approximately 1245 ha and is distributed between the municipal areas of Avinyonet de Puigventós, Llers, Vilanant, Pont de Molins, Biure and, to a lesser extent, Vilafant.

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More Information:

Avinyonet de Puigventós- La Garriga d’Empordà

Trull del fuster de Vilanant
C/ Torrent 4, Vilanant

Dry stone constructions

pedra-seca-silvia-vidalpedra-seca-silvia-vidal-2 vilanant

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