Centre BTT Salines- Bassegoda

Bike Centre Salines Bassegoda
The villages of Salines Bassegoda are a third part of the total of population in the region Alt Empordà. They are located in the north east part of the region and they are quite unknown
area in this region: for the visitors and for the population of Empordà. This area has a huge diversity of landscapes, natural and cultural values. This richness is what makes attractive the
thirty-three mountain bike trails that are in the mountain bike centre Salines Bassegoda. In this area, the most common landscape are the mountains whose main elements are the
ranges of Salinas and the ones of the Alta Garrotxa, with peaks of Mare de Déu del Mont, Bassegoda, Montnegre and El Roc de la Fausa.
The landscape of the rivers Muga and Manol, give to the top of those rivers, forests of black alder and oaks; in the middle of the river, there are a forest of black alder, ashes and poplars
that grow up together with fields of reeds. The rough are basically an agricultural landscape, which combine the land reddish with basically rain fed crops. The reservoir of Boadella,
in Darnius gives to the landscape, the magic and beauty of water in the middle of this area.

Bike Centre Salines Bassegoda

Consorci Salines Bassegoda

Important anouncement: Route 6: Rote in bad condition. Do not pass.

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