The existence of a 3 m tall menhir called the Pedra Dreta (Standing Stone) a short distance away from the village, shows that these lands were the site of prehistoric settlements. In fact, all of L’Albera is abound with different remains from that period.

Vilamaniscle castle is a large fortified house comprising three floors, and in fact, the only association it has with a castle is its name. It is difficult to date this building. It stands on the higher part of the village and the houses were built around it. It has windows with architraves and a baroque coat of arms.

Sant Gil church is a small building with a single nave and a semicircular chevet, and dates to around the 17th and 18th centuries. It seems that in around the 14th century, this chapel belonged to Santa Eulàlia de Noves (now Garriguella), which could explain the distance of around 300 m between the church and the village. The municipal cemetery can be found near it.


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