Pontós castle was built around 500 m to the south of the village, and remains of walls with loopholes and part of the early walled enclosure can still be appreciated. It is surrounded by 17th-18th century houses, which were built making use of the castle remains. This cluster of houses is called Barri del Castell (the Castle neighbourhood). Wonderful views can be taken in there over the village of Pontós and the Pyrenees mountain range.

The Mas Castellar site stands on a small elevation to the west of the river Fluvià, about 500 m to the north of Pontós. The site dates back to the Iberian and Roman periods of the Late Bronze Age, more precisely from 7th to 2nd BC. It is a walled settlement with a square tower, a circular tower and several fields of Greco-Roman silos have been discovered there. In the Roman site, simple houses with two rooms and other complex houses with several rooms have been excavated, along with store rooms, rooms for worship, craft activities, ceramic kilns and ovens to bake bread.

We should also note the 16th-17th century Santa Anna chapel and the 18th century Sant Martí church which is now used as the parish church. Finally, we will mention the 12th century Romanesque Sant Mer i de Sant Celdoni church in Romanyà d’Empordà, which was renovated in the 18th century and the Angel tower, a 19th century fusilier fort about 500 m away from the village.


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