In 1139, the Santa Maria de l’Om Augustinian canonical priory was founded. It is a Romanesque building that has undergone significant changes due to successive renovations. Originally, the church only had one Romanesque nave from the 11th-12th centuries. Later on, they added chapels to each side of the building, (of which the south-facing chapel is the only one that has survived) at the same time as the renovation of the western façade (17th-18th centuries).

The Sant Pere church from the 17th century, located in the village of Vilarnadal and the Sant Martí de Masarac church are both noteworthy. The latter is a small church with a single nave and a trapezoidal-shaped apse, considered to be pre-Romanesque (8th-9th centuries). The original church underwent subsequent modifications and the nave walls and the chevet are all that remain.

Vilarnadal castle stands on top of a hill in the village of Vilarnadal, about 2 km away from Masarac. It was turned into a country house but still conserves some of the remains of the original building.

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