Llers has always been a strategic place due to its location. During the times of the county of Besalú, it was already a very well fortified border town. In addition to the village’s castle, it had a network of eleven castles around it.

In the higher part of Llers, we can find the remains of Llers castle, made up of a cylindrical master tower with a huge diameter and very thick walls, encircled by a trapezoidal-shaped wall. The remains of the castle are open to the public and can be found amongst the houses, some of which are still inhabited. Every Christmas, the town of Llers holds its live nativity scene in the surroundings.

The remains of Hortal castle can be found a little over a kilometre away to the west of Llers, near Mas de l’Estela, in the summit of a small plain. The remains date back to the 13th-14th centuries and can be visited.

The Montmarí castle formed part of Llers’ defence system (where it was located) and was one of the eleven castles that surrounded this town. The castle ruins now consist of a rectangular-shaped building protected by walls that are attached to it at right angles.

The pre-Romanesque Sant Quirze d’Olmells church dates back to the 9th century and has been restored but it is not used for worship. It stands in the middle of a wood, approximately 3 km southwest of Llers, between Mas Molar and Mas Oliveres.

The mouth of La Calma cave can be found level with the regional road from Figueres to Albanyà, in the small mountain known as Terres Blanques. The cave is made up of various galleries and chimneys and inside, we can see lithogenic formation and a regular-shaped block of prismatic calcite.

The Sant Julià parish church was built during the post-war era to replace the former church which was blown up in 1939 during the Spanish Civil War.


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