The Santa Maria de Darnius church has been documented since 1279 and is a sizeable Romanesque church. It is located in the centre of what was the village’s walled enclosure and is surrounded by a path where the old sanctuary area around the church used to stand. The covered entrance passage to this building is remarkable.

The dolmen at Mas Puig de Caneres is a megalithic burial monument with a corridor tomb chamber and the Pedra Dreta (Standing Stone) menhir.

The Sant Esteve del Llop chapel is located 3 km away from Darnius, towards Maçanet de Cabrenys. It was originally built in the Romanesque style and was renovated in the 15th century.

The Mont-Roig castle stands in the hamlet of Mont-roig, approximately 4 km away from Darnius, on top of Mont-roig mountain (301 m), meaning that it is an incomparable viewpoint between the Ricardell and Llobregat rivers. The castle was documented in 1070 and was owned by the lords of Darnius.

We should also highlight the Darmius- Boadella reservoir within the municipality of Darnius. The reservoir is interesting and its real highlights are the sailing club facilities and the dam. The reservoir covers nearly 100 ha.  The dam stands 60 m tall from the reservoir bed and is made of mass concrete, holding 62,000,000 m³ of water, which will irrigate the 10,000 ha of the Ampurdan plain. It guarantees the supply of drinking water in Figueres. A power station has also been built that is capable of producing up to 8,000,000 kW per year. A road passes over the dam that links the two shores and offers magnificent panoramic views whilst crossing it.

The Can Massot spring plane tree is a monumental tree with a diameter of 3 m and a 9.5 m perimeter at the base. It is a hybrid plane tree (Platanus hispanica) that stands above the Can Massot spring.



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