The scarce remains of the former Sant Bartomeu de Bell-lloc monastery of Augustinian monks can be found here.

The Sant Esteve de Cantallops church

The Sant Esteve de Cantallops church is the castle’s old chapel and the bell tower was one of its towers. Part of its Romanesque structure (11th century) can still be observed, although the side chapels were added to it in the 18th century. Cantallops castle, the medieval hamlet and the old church of Avellars also date back to the medieval period.

The Bell-lloc farmhouse

The Bell-lloc farmhouse is a large house that has undergone a lot of renovation work and was embellished in the early 20th century or the end of the 19th century. The refurbishment was carried out in the modernist style.

Mas Baleta’s dolmens I and II

The dolmens of Mas Baleta I and II are megalithic tombs near Mas Baleta. The first has four flagstones driven into the ground and two that form a roof. The second dolmen is a small kist with three flagstones and its roof covering is in disrepair. During excavation work, bones and fragments of hand-made pottery were found.

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