Saus Camallera i Llampaies

Camallera is the largest village and the capital of the municipal area. Here we can find the town hall and all the municipal services.

The village of Saus gave the municipality its name. Saus was formerly the most important village in the surrounding area. The village itself can be found above the old path that went from Girona to Castelló d’Empúries and Roses, passing through Cervià, Camallera and Sant Mori.

The small village of Llampaies is located on the eastern side of the municipality, 2 km to the west of Camallera. The landscape features gently rolling land, fields of crops and small pine woods. The village itself does not have a central, compact cluster of houses, but rather estates dotted throughout the area.

Sant Bartomeu church (Camallera)

Sant Bartomeu church, in Camallera, already existed in the 13th century. From the Romanesque period, all that remains is the semicircular apse, hidden under later construction work. Its external structure can only be seen from inside a house that is adjoined to it. The church is the result of a renovation that was completed in 1951.

The Sant Sebastià chapel (Camallera)

The Sant Sebastià chapel in Camallera was erected near the royal path about 300 m away from Camallera, towards Gaüses. It was built in honour of St Sebastian to defend the population against infection and the plague.

The Santa Eugènia Romanesque church (Saus)

The Santa Eugènia Romanesque church in Saus (12th-13th centuries) has one nave and a semicircular apse on its easterly side.

Sant Martí church (Llampaies)

Sant Martí church in Llampaies has one nave and a semicircular apse.

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