Agullana was an important centre for the cork industry and is apparently the first village where cork was worked, in around 1750. By the early 20th century, up to 40 factories dedicated to this sector were up and running.

The Romanesque chapel of Santa Eugènia in Agullana is set amidst a very beautiful area of cork oaks. The local population feel a great devotion towards this chapel. Since its initial construction, it has undergone much rebuilding and numerous renovations, the last of which dates back to the seventies, when the chapel house was converted into a residential educational centre. According to tradition, the remains of Santa Eugènia remained hidden in some brambles where the chapel now stands and they were definitively lost during the Spanish Civil War.

The Santa Maria church in Agullana, which stands in front of the Plaça Major square, is the most representative monument in Agullana. Built during the 11th-12th centuries, it has a single nave which is very solemn. It has a semicircular apse, an entrance with five rounded arches (that is in disrepair) and a remarkable bell tower with five bells.

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The megalithic compound is made up of two dolmens, the Barraca del Lladre dolmen and the Llosa de la Jaça d’en Torrent dolmen; and two menhirs, the Pedra Dreta (Standing Stone) -also called the Roc del Frareand the Palaus menhir. Both can be found in the woods of the Comunera mountain range, very close to the old coach path that joined Agullana with Capmany. There is very little distance between the two and they must have been used as collective tombs.

We should also point out the Can Bech de Baix Necropolis Museum, which is of high cultural interest. It is an archaeological museum with a display of burial urns dating to the end of the Bronze Age. Visits to the museum can be made during designated times.

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