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At the north of the Costa Brava lies Alt Empordà; a region that features a great wealth of culture and landscapes. It has been greatly influenced by its geographical location in an area bordering France, in the northern strip of Catalonia and the Iberian Peninsula, characterising it as a thoroughfare (of people, goods, etc).

Its natural borders are the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean Sea and the Ampurdan plain which links it to Baix Empordà (Lower Empordà) and Alta Garrotxa (Upper Garrotxa). All these aspects mean that Alt Empordà is a unique place covering both the sea and the mountains. This, together with the Tramuntana north-easterly wind has affected the landscape, culture, gastronomy, traditional trades and the nature of the population that has progressively established itself here over thousands of years.

The region is nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees in an enviable location from an environmental point of view. Alt Empordà has always been a welcoming thoroughfare, a land crossed from north to south, with a very varied biology and range of landscapes: from the tilled plains with enclosures and swamps to the rugged northern coast that forms small coves and magnificent marine life, to the steepest peaks of the Pyrenees in the region’s inland area.

Alt Empordà is an extraordinary area in terms of natural heritage. We should highlight that it is the only region within Catalonia with three classified natural areas in just 100 km²: the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà (wetland), the Cap de Creus and the L’Albera mountain range.



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