Exhibition: “On the border”, in the MUME, (La Jonquera) 28 October 2017 to 28 January 2018


Municipis Date
28 October 2017 to 28 January 2018

Exhibition: “On the border”, in the MUME, (La Jonquera)


Art and Memory. Contemporary Artistic Initiatives, 2017
Marco Noris
On the Border
132 drawings and pictures (ink and oil), 12 x 17 cm, and video, 2017
Being and making a border is the main motivation of Marco Noris’ artistic project. For
almost one month, the artist walked along the border line, following the Pyrenees
mountain range from the limits of Andorra to Portbou. An invisible geographic line that
is the result of a superimposed layer of historical events that becomes visible through
hundreds of boundary stones that mark the separation between the states.
Marco Noris’ journey has a pronounced experiential character that takes the form of
an exercise in plein air painting. In this framework, what apparently seems to be the
artist’s playful and contemplative attitude to the landscape becomes an action that
adopts the shape of a critical inventory concerning the issue of the border and
everything linked to it: refugees, exile, exclusion, marginalisation. In other words,
distance, fatigue and inclement weather, recorded by the artist on his skin, take on an
allegorical nature that relates to the damned of the past, present and future.
These drawings made in situ during the journey, which could be located between a
personal diary and a notary registration that confirms the layout of the border, evoke
the artist’s visual and emotional connection with a both inhospitable and fascinating
environment that gives way to a new scenario of memory.

*Project produced with the support of BCN Producció’17. La Capella, Institut de Cultura
de Barcelona.
Exhibition from 28 October 2017 to 28 January 2018

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