Aiguamolls’ Beef


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We are farmers and ranchers of Aiguamolls. We have always tried to do things well and for many reasons, first of all, for us.

We are the first to eat what we do and thus we grow and raise good, healthy animals. And even if you also eat our children because, as you can imagine, as parents want the best for them. And the same we wanted to get more people to share it with you all.

So our project is: we breed, we sell. We want to reach everyone who wants this so good we eat meat from kilometer 0 and giving you well, our best guarantee.

ANGUS breed cattle breed in organically Aiguamolls. Our cows are grazing Angus breed, bred in the wild, so their meat qualify for the organic or natural. Our animals are free of drugs, antibiotics, growth hormones, clenbuterol and bacteria to soften the meat.

We want to do what is good for us, the world, the environment and health of people. This type of aging facilitates the formation of intramuscular fat (infiltrated or marbled) instead of outer fat (around the shoulder). This infiltrated fat are small veins of fat that are in cuts of meat. In our Angus this good fat, found in higher quantities than in other breeds, so when cooking the meat that melts fat and meat is very soft, tender and flavorful.

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