Cottage of l’Empordà Mas Marcè


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Mas Marcè is a family of shepherds, that during six generations, they worked like sheperd. Our ancestors did transhumance between the Pyrenees and the Empordà. The activity of the pastor finished at Siurana (a small village in the Emporda) when the grandfather of  present cheesemaker, Manel Marcè decided to live and carry on the activity at Siurana where the life was more easier. Manel decided not to continue the farm at the end of their studies. He prefered to work like a comercial and hope for the best moment to return to the farm.

In 2016, Manel returned at the farm and proposed a big change with the farm for working better with the Ripollesa’s breed, and create a big project.

Today Mas Marcè it’s a farm where we working with ecologic certificate, recupering diferent cerals like: red blat, and different special plants
Another important concept in Mas Marcè at the begining of the project was must working with the family’s fields. In fact, we have 980 sheeps.

With Ripollesa’s sheep we elaborate diferents fresh products like: cuajada, mató and diferents specific desserts. We elaborate four cheese that are very important for its origilanilty and excelents.

In Mas Marcè we take advantage all from our farm:

-We shear our sheeps and we sell our wool
-We organize diferents events for schools, families and people that want to know us
-We are in different associations like: ANCRI, ACREFA, SLOW FOOD and Emporda world

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