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The first samples of olives found in the Empordà region date back to the end of the Bronze Age. However, the cultivation of olive trees and olive oil production are attributed to the Greeks, who arrived in the 6th Century BC and founded the colonies of Empúries and Roses, which quickly became dynamic trade hubs. Later on, the Romans preserved the olive groves and the Benedictine monks consolidated them, to the extent that today there are over two thousand hectares of olive groves producing high quality olive oil.

Since time immemorial we have preserved the same spirit and know-how. Our olives are collected and ground on the same day. Once ground they are centrifuged to separate the oil. Once the oil is separated it is decanted. From this point on it can be stored. The tools used for making the oil have now changed, with human and animal endeavour having been replaced by electricity… but apart from that, almost all the processes, from harvesting through to bottling, are still the same. The word ‘virgin’, when attributed to olive oil, means that no artificial chemicals have been used in the production process.

The Protected Designation of Origin ‘Oli de l’Empordà’ (Empordà Olive Oil) guarantees the quality of olive oils produced in the two counties of the Empordà region and certain municipalities in Pla de l’Estany and Gironès. This certification was instigated by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of the Generalitat of Catalonia and supported by the endeavours of farmers and oil millers.

The oil covered by this Protected Designation of Origin is made using olives from the varieties of Argudell, Corivell, Verdial, Arbequina.
These oils are limpid, transparent, highly aromatic, full of flavour and delicious to taste; they are slightly astringent with a perfect balance between bitterness and spiciness. they are intensely fruity with a notable aromatic complexity. Source: D.O. Oli Emporda

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